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High fidelity state preparation, quantum control, and readout of an isotopically enriched silicon spin qubit

AR Mills, CR Guinn, MM Feldman, AJ Sigillito, MJ Gullans, M Rakher, J Kerckhoff, CAC Jackson, JR Petta


Emerging qubit systems: Guest editorial

AJ Sigillito, JP Covey, JM Fink, KD Petersson, S Preble

Applied Physics Letters 120, 190401 (2022)

Two-qubit silicon quantum processor with operation fidelity exceeding 99%

AR Mills, CR Guinn, MJ Gullans, AJ Sigillito, MM Feldman, E Nielsen, JR Petta

Science Advances 8, 14 (2022)

Prior to 2021

Coherent transfer of quantum information in a silicon double quantum dot using resonant SWAP gates

AJ Sigillito, MJ Gullans, LF Edge, M Borselli, JR Petta,

npj Quantum Information 5, 110 (2019)

Fast high-fidelity entangling gates for spin qubits in Si double quantum dots

FA Calderon-Vargas, GS Barron, XH Deng, AJ Sigillito, E Barnes, S Economou

Physical Review B 100, 035304 (2019)

Site-Selective Quantum Control in an Isotopically Enriched 28Si/SiGe Quadruple Quantum Dot

AJ Sigillito, JC Loy, DM Zajac, MJ Gullans, LF Edge, JR Petta

Physical Review Applied 11, 061006 (2019)

High-fidelity quantum gates in Si/SiGe double quantum dots

M Russ, DM Zajac, AJ Sigillito, F Borjans, JM Taylor, JR Petta, G Burkard

Physical Review B 97, 085421 (2018)

Resonantly Driven CNOT gate for electron spins

DM Zajac, AJ Sigillito, M Russ, F Borjans, JM Taylor, JR Petta

Science 359, 6374 (2018)

All-electric control of donor nuclear spin qubits in silicon

AJ Sigillito, AM Tyryshkin, T Schenkel, AA Houck, SA Lyon

Nature Nanotechnology 12, 958 (2017)

Multi-frequency Spin Manipulation Using Rapidly Tunable Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Microresonators

AT Asfaw, AJ Sigillito, AM Tyryshkin, T Schenkel, SA Lyon

Applied Physics Letters 111, 032601 (2017)

Electron Spin Resonance at the Level of 10000 Spins Using Low Impedance Superconducting Resonators

C Eichler, AJ Sigillito, SA Lyon, JR Petta

Physical Review Letters 118, 037701 (2017)

Large Stark tuning of donor electron spin qubit in germanium

AJ Sigillito, AM Tyryshkin, JW Beeman, EE Haller, KM Itoh, SA Lyon

Physical Review B 94, 125204 (2016)

Addressing spin transitions on Bi 209 donors in silicon using circularly polarized microwaves

T Yasukawa, AJ Sigillito, BC Rose, AM Tyryshkin, SA Lyon

Physical Review B 93, 121306 (2016)

Electron spin coherence of shallow donors in natural and isotopically enriched germanium

AJ Sigillito, RM Jock, AM Tyryshkin, JW Beeman, EE Haller, KM Itoh, SA Lyon

Physical Review Letters 115, 247601 (2015)

Anisotropic Stark Effect and Electric-Field Noise Suppression for Phosphorus Donor Qubits in Silicon

AJ Sigillito, AM Tyryshkin, SA Lyon

Physical Review Letters 114, 217601 (2015)

Fast, low-power manipulation of spin ensembles in superconducting microresonators

AJ Sigillito, H Malissa, AM Tyryshkin, H Riemann, NV Abrosimov, P Becker, H-J Pohl, MLW Thewalt, KM Itoh, JJL Morton, AA Houck, DI Schuster, SA Lyon

Applied Physics Letters 104, 222407 (2014)