Penn Quantum Hardware Lab

Welcome to the Penn Quantum Hardware Lab

Established in the Fall of 2021, the Penn Quantum Hardware Lab is a newly formed group of physicists and engineers housed in the department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Located in the same building where the first programmable electronic computer was developed, we're working to engineer the next generation of quantum computing hardware based on nuclear and electronic spins in semiconductors. 

Lab News

11/08/2023 - Partnership with Quantum Motion Technologies Announced

The Sigillito Lab is excited to announce a collaboration with Quantum Motion Technologies! Details can be found in the press release.

1/30/2023 - Lab renovations are complete!

The Sigillito Lab now has a permanent home in Moore 308. Both cryostats have been successfully installed and the fridge is happily reaching it's base temperature of 7 mK. The new lab is designed to mitigate ESD and offers highly filtered power to accomodate the ultra-low noise measurements required for quantum dot experiments.